International art workshop


Cultural Sport Centre (Longera/TRIESTE/ITA)

For the 11th edition of the Arteden, in 2013, we enlarged the range of the participants to all artistic fields. Beside painters and photographers, also musicians and dancers, as well as poets took part at the Arteden. The reason of doing this, is because we are convinced that the key to capture a more complete vision of contemporary art, is to combine artists coming from different artistic fields.
The artists should be from a younger generation and coming from European language minorities, open-minded to confrontation and symbiosis with other artists and different art fields, similar as it was in the original guidelines of the Arteden.
The workshop offers a place for creating and expressing to others as well: to local artists or associations that take part in the initiatives and to kids – young attenders at morn- ing courses. Since the beginning, the week dedicated to the art actively involves the partecipation of the associations Fotovideo Trst 80 and KONS, and this year also of the Slovenski klub.